Standard Sunday School Lessons

Try adding these activities and discussion ideas to your standard Sunday school lessons when teaching the lesson of Cain and Abel.  Your 6-8 year olds can contribute some thoughtful ideas on how they can please God.

Sunday School Lessons Series: The Lesson of Cain and AbelStandard Sunday School Lessons

Bible Story: 
Tell the story of Abel in a language that this age can understand.  Be sure that it is a simplified version, the verse selection is Genesis 4: 1-4.  There are several picture versions in children’s Bibles that are appropriate but not necessary.  Paraphrasing a version of the Bible you feel comfortable with is fine.

Activity 1:
Write out the Bible verses on a piece of paper, cutting the sentences apart.  (If you paraphrased, write the sentences that you spoke and cut them into strips).  As a class, or in smaller groups, ask the students to order the verses correctly.

Discussion:  What we give to God.
Abel made God happy because he gave his best animals to God.  What are some things that you can do to make God happy?  Is God happy when you do something nice for someone else?

Activity 2:  what we can give to God
Give the students a piece of paper and have them brainstorm things that they could do to please God.  (share a toy, help a neighbor, clean their room, listen to mom and dad, etc.)  When completed, have each share their ideas with the class.


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