Preschool Sunday School Crafts – God Loves Me Necklace

If you need ideas for preschool Sunday school crafts try the one below.  I use it often when teaching the 2-6 year old classes.  It is an excellent way to capture their attention and to give them something to remind them of God’s love for them.

Preschool Sunday School Crafts: “God Loves Me Necklace

Supplies Needed:
Thin Yarn or String
Beads or Noodles with Hole in
Red Card Stock
Hole Punch (or Stylus)
Small Bowls/Containers
Clear Tape
Heart Template

-Before children arrive, create a two inch heart pattern.
-Print the words “GOD LOVES ME” in the center and duplicate onto red card
stock for each child.
-Place noodles or beads into several small bowls or containers. Cut a 30” piece of lacing string or yarn for each child. If utilizing yarn, wrap a piece of clear tape firmly about each end of the string for easier lacing.

1.  Distribute a heart pattern, string, and scissors to each child. Tell children to cut out the heart. Talk about how the heart is a symbol of love, and remind them that God knows and loves each one of us!

2.  Help children to punch two holes through the outer center of each side of the heart, taking care not to punch through the words. Then demonstrate how to string each end of the string or yarn up through the back of each hole in the heart, placing the heart in the center of the string.

3. Choose beads or noodles to string onto each side of the heart, as desired. When finished, loosely tie the necklace onto the child, fastening it in a bow so it is easier to undo, if needed. The necklace should be large enough for children to easily slip over their heads, too.

4. When finished, ask the children to name one way God loves them while attaching the necklace. Tell kids to remember God’s love every time they wear their necklace!


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