Lessons for Kids – Miracles of Jesus

Try these Sunday school activities and discussions in your lessons for kids to teach the miracles of Jesus.  Using drama with your 6-8 year olds is a great way to get them involved and the discussions reinforce the lesson.

Sunday School Activities to Help Teach The Miracles of Jesus

Lessons for Kids

Bible Story: 
Tell the story of the healing of the 10 men with leprosy.  Use language that this age group will understand – you may first have to explain that leprosy was a very contagious disease at that time and that people who had it were shunned by the other people – or read the story from a book of children’s bible stories, or a children’s bible.   Then tell the story of how Jesus calmed the storm.

Divide your class into 2 groups.  Let one group act out the story of the lepers – you may not have 10 lepers, but as long as you have enough so that only 1 goes back to thank Jesus while the others do not, then it is symbolic enough for the children to remember.  The other group should act out the story of the calming of the storm.

Discussion 1: 
What are both of these stories examples of?  What causes miracles to happen – faith in God.  Who believes in miracles?  What are examples of daily miracles that are touched by the hand of God but which we take for granted – perhaps the dawn of a new day, the birth of a baby, the growth of a tiny seed into a plant that can feed many people.

How many times do we thank God for the things in our lives?  Not enough I’m sure.  Provide each child a piece of paper and something to write on and ask them to write a list from A-Z, and then to fill in something against each letter that they should thank God for.   See if any of your class can complete all 26 letters.

Discussion 2:
With the miracles that he performed, Jesus managed to do what had been thought impossible.  He showed that although God’s love can’t be seen, with faith in Him, all things are possible.

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