Kids Sunday School – Young Childrens Activity for the First Commandment

When teaching the Ten Commandments in kids Sunday school, it is helpful to use games which directly involve them. The First Commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me,”is very important in teaching loyalty to God,even when we are called upon to make sacrifices or tough choices.

Sunday School Activity for the First Commandment

As children are often comforted by rules, and the Ten Commandments are quite telling about the nature of goodness.

Tell the children that they are starting Sunday school class with a treasure hunt. There are gold coins hidden all over the room. They can find them, but they can’t eat them now! There are also four bigger silver treasures hidden.

Hold up a balled up piece of aluminum foil so they can see it.

Find all the gold and silver and put it in the center of the table!

Once all the coins are found, open the silver balls and find the four pieces of paper hidden inside. Put them in order. They will spell out:  What is a god?

That is the question you’re going to answer in today’s Sunday school lesson.

Have them give the gold coins to the teacher.  They will have to wait to have the gold coins or they will have to decide if they can give them to others who may need them more.  This will be their introduction to sacrifices and tough choices.

Children should learn at an early age that a god is anything we love so much that it clouds our love for the Father, or more importantly, His love for us.  Ask your Sunday school students, “What is a god? Answers will range from someone you worship to someone who answers prayers.

A god is something that you want so badly or love so much that you can’t remember your love for God the Father. When God says, “You shall have no other gods before me,” it means you can love your stuff, but not to the point where you’re almost worshiping your stuff. Ask them What stuff they can think of that could become a god or idol?  Allow children to think of things they can get addicted to or jealous over, etc.

Next ask about sharing.  Can they give something they really want for themselves to another who may have less than they do?  God would like for us to help those less fortunate.


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