Kids Sunday School Lessons – Solomon’s Temple for Younger Children

Today we’ll be talking about King’s Solomon’s Temple, which was surely the largest, most expensive building anyone made for God in the history of mankind. The kids Sunday school lessons below are geared as an introduction for younger children. (Teacher words in bold.)

Children’s Sunday School Lessons: Solomon’s Temple for Younger Children

It might be hard for us to think right away of things we could give to God as gifts. So let’s start with thinking of some things he has given to us.

Sunday School Lessons Activity:

Give each child a paper plate divided into four equal sections. Create a title along the circular edge:
Four Things God Gave Me That I’m Grateful For. Have them draw four things they are grateful for and share with the class before the lesson begins.

After the lesson, they should all be filled with ideas of a time commitment, charity commitment, or promise of good behavior they can give to God.

Have them draw a second plate, this one with the following heading going around the outside of the plate, “My Gift to God This Week Will Be….”

Have them draw what they will try to do this week.

Glue the two plates together, back to back and run some colorful curling ribbon through so it looks like a rainbow is bursting forth.


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