Kids Sunday School – Good Choices

Learning to make good choices in life is something we try to teach all children and it is especially important with the 9-11 year olds.  Use this story for your kids Sunday school lesson to emphasize this life skill.

Children’s Sunday School Lesson: “Good Choices”

Kids Sunday School

Sunday School Lesson Bible Story:  From your class bible have one of the students read the story of the wise man who built his house upon the rock. (Matthew 7:24-27)

Sunday School Lesson Discussion 1:  What’s this story really about?  Is it really about where to build houses?  Or it is more about something else (making the right choices).

Sunday School Lesson Discussion 2:  Give the group choices between a number of pairs of situations – for example, would they rather be rich or poor, live in a house or apartment, go to school or not, have a job or be unemployed – discuss each of your situations in turn, who chooses which option – why?  What are the possible consequences of choosing the wrong option?

Sunday School Lesson Activity:  Take a couple of situations, for example smoking and rollerblading instead of doing homework.  Assign 1 student to make the choice, and divide the rest of the class so that you have one group per situation.  In turn, have the group try to get the choosing student to make the wrong decision ….”Come rollerblading, homework isn’t important.  Just tell them you left it at home.  You’re such a goody two-shoes.  And so on.”  The person having to make the choice has to stand firm – as long as they can!

Afterwards have the students who made choices talk about how difficult it was to make the right choice when they were being encouraged into making the wrong one.


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