Kids Sunday School Crafts – Garden of Eden

These kids Sunday school crafts go well with the lesson on how God created the heavens and the earth. This craft will allow students to design their own gardens of Eden.  It does have the biggest prep because some of the pieces involved can be used in later crafts.  Don’t discard the left overs!

Sunday School Crafts Series: Garden of Eden

Using Sunday school crafts to teach your children’s church lesson is very effective in getting the message of the lesson to your students and holds their attention as well.

•  4 sheets of green construction paper
•  1 sheet of construction paper in each of the following colors:  red, yellow, purple and blue
•  Aluminum foil
•  Hole puncher
•  Stick glue
•  Sheets of white paper (base for project)
•  Tooth picks (flower stems)
•  Popsicle sticks (tree trunk)
•  Marker pens

Before Class:
• Cut 30 narrow green leaf shapes, 1-inch long, using one sheet of green construction paper
• Cut 30 wide green leaf shapes, half-inch-long, using 2nd sheet of green construction paper
• Using freehand, make the tops of trees (swirling circles), six per sheet, on the last two sheets of green construction paper.  Cut them out
• Cut 30 red blooms (use a penny for size; bottom half is a circle and top half is jagged) using sheet of red construction paper.
• Cut circles for sun, using a juice glass to trace, one sun for each child on yellow paper
• Cut half-inch long petals, narrow, on sheet of purple construction paper, at least 30
• Cut 30 half-inch long petals, circular, on blue construction paper,
• Cut up 30 inch-square pieces of aluminum foil, balled up for flower centers
• Scraps:  Make hole punches of the different colors for flower centers

Other things you can add:
•  small buttons (for flower centers)
•  lengths of real grass, nine for each child (get from your own yard/neighbor’s yard)
•  glitter
•  chalk for definition in flowers and petals

The Garden of Eden is best made by putting all of these items in the center of the table.  If you have little baskets, box lids or some other means of keeping the items separate, all the better, because you should save the remains to use with other projects.  Have a sample available the children can see and use.

Kids make up their own garden, using the things you’ve provided, following the sample, and adding their own touches.  They can use markers to draw in animals or sayings such as, “It was good” or “God created the earth.”

•  For pretty suns, create aluminum foil circles just slightly bigger than the sun circles and glue them behind the sun circles.  Sun rays look great with orange and yellow marker streaks.
•  Introduce pastels or colored chalk to shade leaves.
•  Introduce glitter if you don’t mind the mess.


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