Kids Church Lesson – Harvest Time

Here is a children’s church lesson for your 9-12 year olds to talk about Harvest Time.  Use these children’s church activities and discussions about harvest and how God provides for us and use the analogy to talk about how to nurture the word of God.

Children’s Church Lesson & Activities: “Harvest Time” Kids Church Lesson

God in Action:
What can the class tell you about a harvest?  Show them a packet of seeds, take one out and place it in your hand.  Ask them to tell you what will happen to that seed once it’s planted into the earth.

Ask the class to tell you what the seed will need in order to grow.  What happens if it doesn’t get these things?  As Christians concerned about our neighbor, what can we do if the harvest isn’t as plentiful as it should be?

Have some fruit cut up into small bite sized pieces to share around during this morning’s activity session.

Activity Puzzle 1
:  Remove the numbers from the puzzle to reveal a bible verse:

“3489T432h4e7n 09I4245 9w32i5l9l01 s342e3n3d4 9r20a491i9n 4o29n1 943y42o4u27r 4la5n754d3 4i42n8 26i7t64s482 s210e4a320s3o8n2, 410b4o3t5h6 42a5u527t98u3m14n5 a32n684d3 5s232p6r7i34n6g1 45r6a762i54n1s, 4s653o6 7t54h1a87t8 02y4o420u3 40m4a67y4 7g841a43t5h567e1r5 28i9n1 5y9o76u245r1 g4r57a899i1n2, 8n341e2w45 78w3i421n4e432 48a092n12d3 456o6i7l97.  346I74 651w6i543l6l6 7p5r345o6v76i6d7e34 543g56r872a6s356s9 i3n142 47t2h861e3 54f53i62e6l6d980s5 f5o423r1 4y654o8u09r32 43c5a457t6t87l9e1 1a356n76d2 7y62o1467u3 5w634i2l556l98 43e5a1t6 2a45n6d64 6b764e4 5s769a4t422i487s09f873i879e317d2.”   0D39e7u698t33e6r14o4n689o87m6y5    11:14-15

Activity Puzzle 2:  Solve the anagrams to read the bible verse

eh liwl soal dnes uoy ianr rfo het desd uoy wso ni eth dourgn, dna eth odof ttha mecse morf eth dnal lwil eb hric dan fillptneu.  ni atha ruoy tatlce lwil zegar ni aordb sowmeda.  sahaii 30:23

Children’s Church Lesson Discussion: 
How can God in action shine through us?  Discuss this leading up to the following idea:

With the harvest upon us, ask that each student bring one item of food produce (canned) to class next week.  Nominate two class members to accompany you (or another Church member) to a local shelter and donate the food to the homeless.


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