Kids Bible Study Lessons – Paper Bag Puppets

For your kids Sunday school activities and Bible study lessons, use the idea of puppets. Paper bag puppets can be made into animals or biblical characters.  They work well with stories featuring several characters, and students can be asked to focus in on a particular character and create a puppet likeness.  Once all the puppets are made, you can act out a drama of the Bible story in a puppet show.

Sunday School Activities Ideas: Paper Bag Puppets

•Brown lunch bags, one for each student
•Markers or crayons
•Construction paper, black and white, for eyes, red for lips
•Yarn, for eyebrows

You can also use:
•Buttons and small jewels for clothing
•Handmade yarn pompoms for hair and beards
•Felt for collars

Before Class:

1.Cut out nickel-shaped circles on white paper and dime-shaped circles on black paper for eyes
2.Cut 2-inch pieces of yarn for eye brows
3.If you want hair and beards, here is how to make a pompom:
Hold one hand out straight, stick your thumb up in the air, and wrap yarn around your palm twelve times.  Pull it off your hand, pinching all the loops together in one spot.  Stick your thumb into the loops.  Pull all loops tight from underneath your thumb, so the thumb part makes a 1-inch tail.  Tie off the tail with another piece of yarn, tightly.  Cut the longer loops, so you have 24 yarns in your pompom.
4.Hold the bag upside down.  At the top most point, cut a small slit, where the pompom knot can be worked through.
Explain to the children the characters they will be making and show pictures from a Bible story book if possible.  Allow them to use their creativity with markers, pens, buttons, felt, pompoms, etc.  The only crucial thing is the placement of the lips.  When holding the bag upside down and frontwards, you will see the actual “bottom” of the bag folded outwards near the top.  The top lip should go on the bottom of that flap.  The bottom lip should go directly beneath it on the paper bag.

When students are finished, show them how to put their hand inside and work the flap so that the lips look like they’re talking.  Have a puppet show!


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