Junior High Sunday School – Jesus Heals the Blind

Use the Sunday school lesson of Jesus healing the blind with your 12-14 year old junior high Sunday school class.  These topics for discussion show your students how to draw strength from Jesus and their faith in difficult times.

Sunday School Lesson: Jesus Heals the BlindJunior High Sunday School

Sunday School Lesson Discussion #1:
Ask the students what kinds of obstacles they have had to overcome. Ask them if they had faith in Jesus during those times.

Sunday School Lesson Bible Story:
Have the students take turns reading from Mark 10: 46-52, which is the story of Jesus walking on water, until the passage has been read.

Sunday School Lesson Discussion #2:
Ask the students why Jesus healed the blind man. Ask why the blind man was able to be healed. Discuss ways that you can show others the same kind of love that Jesus showed the blind man. Remind the students to have faith in Jesus during their struggles.

Sunday School Lesson Activity:
Give each student a sheet of paper that has the following scrambled words. Using the Bible verses that they have just read, have them unscramble the words.

Scrambled words:


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