Jr High Sunday School – Gratitude and Thanks

Coming up with ideas for your [tag]jr high Sunday school[/tag] students can be challenging. The  topic for this [tag]Sunday school[/tag] lesson is to talk about how to keep Sunday as God’s special day.

Sunday School Lesson: Gratitude and Thanks

One way is teaching students to be thankful for all their good things. Have them sit down and just start listing without thinking too hard. See if they can list fifty things in their life they’re thankful for.  (Prompts: favorite pillow, bed sheets, favorite foods, socks, shoe laces.)  At the end, have them read the TEN things they’re most grateful for from that list.

To help them remember to be grateful all week long, have them frame those lists and put them in their rooms. The students take their lists and center them on a piece of construction paper.Place old magazines and catalogs on the table, where they can cut things out to paste on the edges of the construction paper to make their “frame.” Cutouts should be similar to things they have for which they are grateful, though they’re not looking for perfect matches.

They can also opt to draw some things onto the construction paper. Explain, the point is to be creative—and grateful!

The [tag]Sabbath[/tag] is a celebration of the relationship with each student and God. This will help them to remember to use it well-—to think of good deeds for the week, to be grateful for all they have, and to ask for help from God.


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