How a Game with Blindfold and Compass Can Help Find the Way of Christ

Jesus said, “I am the Way,” meaning “the way to God.” Following Him on our journey through life will bring us closest to God. But sometimes “the way God wants us to go” is hard to find. We get turned around. When scary things happen, we can feel confused and even dizzy. This Bible game with a compass can help us practice finding “The Way” of Christ.

Bible Game: Which is The Way?

Bible Game Object: To guess which direction is north.
Needed: Blindfold and a compass (optional)
Ages: 6-12

How to play this Bible game: This is also a great exercise in teaching how to use a compass if one is available to you.
As a compass always points north, you have the children pretend “north” is the direction of God’s will. Having looked at a compass, you can also determine with them which is the “north wall” of the room, the “south wall,” “east wall” and “west wall.” If you live near the ocean or other landmark, and you know which direction it is, you don’t even need the compass. For example, people on the east coast know the ocean is east, and hence, which way north, south, and west are.

Determine with your class which way is north. Have them then derive the directions of south, east and west.

Blindfold one child. Spin him.

Everyone says, “North, South, East, West…Jesus is the way that’s best…”
After he is spun and dizzy, ask the blindfolded child, “Which way is north?” Or “which is The Way?” See who can guess.


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