Games for Sunday School – Kindness Massages

Use [tag]Bible games for Sunday school[/tag] for your younger children when planning your lessons.   This Bible game for your lesson on [tag]King David[/tag] will grab their attention and teach them the benefits of being kind.(Teacher words in bold.)

Bible Games: Kindness Massages

One way to show we love is by doing something kind for another person. We can make each other feel very good is by massaging each other’s hands.

Have children form pairs and sit across from each other at the table. One partner should open his hands very wide and put them face up on the table. The other person should run his index finger from the center of his partner’s palm all the way down each finger very slowly, then up his wrist. Then switch, the receiver being the giver.

This next time, have one partner run his finger very slowly around the outline of his partner’s hand, come across the person’s wrist and go around again. He should repeat that on his partner’s other hand.  Then switch, the receiver being the giver.

Finally, have one partner form alphabet letters in the center of his partner’s palm. Have him guess which letters they were. Then switch, the receiver being the giver.

It sure feels good to have someone be nice to you, doesn’t it? And it sure feels better to be nice than to be mean, doesn’t it? Now that we’re so relaxed, let’s try to picture this week coming up, and we don’t say one single mean thing! It’s a goal to shoot for.


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