Games for Sunday School – God’s Creation

Bible games for Sunday school help bring your Sunday School lessons to life for children. Use this game with your own lesson plans; it can be used with various Bible teachings.

Bible Games Series: “God’s Creation”

Cardboard Tubes to Celebrate God’s Creation of Man

(Teacher words in bold.)

Tell every child to pick a partner. Give every child a cardboard tube from a toilet roll or paper towel roll.
Tell them to hold it up to the left side of the person’s chest and listen to that person’s heart.

God created that human heart beat you hear.

Tell the Children to jump up and down twenty times. Each child should listen to his partner’s heart again.

What happened to the person’s heart beat? (It got faster).

God created the human heart to beat fast when it is excited.

Tell everyone to lie down on the floor and be perfectly still for two minutes, breathing in and out slowly.

Time them with a watch.

Tell the children to listen to their partner’s heartbeat again.

What happened to the person’s heart beat? (It got slower again).

God makes hearts to rest, like on the seventh day, HE rested.

Tell the children to stick the tube to their partner’s ear. Tell them to whisper what day of the week today is.

God made voices to whisper secrets and pretty things.

Tell the children who were partners to stick to tube to their partner’s ear and say in a normal voice what day of the week it is.

God made voices to give us information.

Tell everyone to put their tubes down and sing along to “Jesus Loves Me.”

God made voices to rejoice in him.


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