Free Sunday School Lesson – Pharaohs Dream

All of us grasp ideas and get a better understanding when we are actively involved.  This free Sunday school lesson includes a drama suggestion for your 9-11 year olds.  Follow it up with the group project to teach the lesson of gifts from God that we get from this bible story of Pharaohs Dream.

Sunday School Lesson: “The Pharaoh’s Dream”Free Sunday School Lesson

Bible Story:

Read the stories connected to Joseph interpreting dreams.  The story of the baker is not so important as it is the cup bearer who brings Joseph to the attention of Pharaoh so if your class is short and you need to keep the bible reading short, then omit the baker’s dream/interpretation.

Genesis 40: 1-15 and 21  (cupbearer’s dream)
Genesis 40: 16-19 (baker’s dream)
Genesis 41: 1-40 (pharaoh’s dream)

Sunday School Lesson Discussion:

Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams was a gift from God.  He used his gift to help others and although it had earlier been partly responsible for him being imprisoned, it later would bring him to a position of great power in Egypt.

What is a gift from God?  What gifts from God do they think they have?

Sunday School Lesson Drama:

Have some of your class act out the story of Pharaoh’s dream to the others.  Let them use Bibles so that they know when and what to speak.  You will need to appoint another student to be the narrator.

Sunday School Lesson Art Project:

Provide appropriate art supplies and then ask the students to draw a picture that in some way illustrates Pharaoh’s dream.  This could be a piece of class artwork where they all work on the same drawing – or split into two groups and each group take one side of the dream – or it could be an individual piece of art.


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