Free Bible Activities for Sunday School – A Man After My Own Heart

For today’s free Bible activity, we’ll be taking about how King David before he was king, wept when King Saul died. He was sad about it, even though King Saul had been very mean to him for years.

Bible Activity: “A Man After My Own Heart”

(Teacher words are in bold.)

How did David managed to love someone who was mean to him? With God, all things are possible. God had wonderful things to say about David’s heart, so we’re going to color it in.

David was called “a man after my own heart” by the Lord God. Therefore we’ll be looking at some of his shining moments as portrayed in 2 Samuel. We’ll see that David’s actions can be a guiding light to us in school, at home and in the neighborhood, and we’ll find ways that we can be like him.

It’s a good idea for kids to get a jump on the notion that they do not have to respond in kind when someone is unkind. Kids often say overly frank and even cruel things, but if they learn early on that the best idea is to respond nicely, this can become a second nature. David shows us this in his treatment of King Saul; three times the king was within David’s grasp, and three times he refused to harm the man who pursued him unjustly. Those who respond with kindness are not showing weakness. They come out ahead in the long run.

Bible Activity: Give a heart shape cutout to each child.  Leave an oval shape in the center and decorate around the center. Then they will add the play dough smilles from the activity below to the oval of their heart shape.

Play Dough Smiles

One great thing about always trying to make a kind remark is that it makes your heart happy. It makes your heart smile. We’re going to improve the hearts you made before the lesson by adding smiles to them.

Have all children wash their hands. Give each child a fist-sized glob of homemade white play dough. Have them knead the play dough until it is soft.

Then they should dry their teeth and lips with the paper towel. They should press the play dough to their own mouths while smiling as wide as they can. The impression of their smile will come off in the play dough.

Each should take his heart shape and run lines of craft glue (stick glue will not stick to play dough) inside the oval shape in the center of the heart. They should lay their smile on top. Don’t press or it will destroy the smile shape! They can color in their lips pink or ruby red. Allow to dry.


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