Faith Sunday School – Rahab

I find it helpful to include Sunday school activities and drama when planning my faith Sunday school lessons for my younger students.  The 6-8 year olds are able to show their belief in God by their everyday actions.  Use the Sunday school lesson of Rahab to teach them how to show their faith.

Sunday school activities to teach the lesson of Rahab

Faith Sunday School

Bible Story:
Tell the story of Rahab (Joshua 2, 5, and 6). You can tell the story using children’s bible or just tell the story in a way that this age group can understand it.

Have the children act this story out.

Play Joshua Says (like Simon Says). Have the children take turns being Joshua and the followers so that each gets a turn to be Joshua.

Talk about how our actions show whether we believe in God or not. Ask the children what kinds of actions would show that they believe in God.


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