Easter Sunday School Lessons

Here are some ideas for Easter Sunday school lessons for your 12-14 year olds. What better time to discuss how to put [tag]Christianity[/tag] into action than at Easter. Try these Sunday school lessons, discussions and activities to encourage your students to put their faith into practice in everyday life.Easter Sunday School Lessons

Easter Sunday School Lessons, Activities and Discussion Topics

Bible Reading:
Tell the story of someone, for example Mother Theresa, or of an organization who typify Christianity to the children in the class. With this group look at people/groups who are working on a Global scale to fight against poverty, sickness, and disaster.

Discussion 1:
Christianity isn’t just a religion. It’s a verb. How so?

Activity 1:
Brainstorm a list of how Christian people and organizations are helping people around the world by reaching out in fellowship and love to try and make their lives better.

Discussion 2:
A verb is a doing word. Everyone can “do” something. What can we “do” to help make God’s world a better place, and to show his love to others through our actions? Write the suggestions down on a large piece of paper as the students give them to you.

Activity 2:
Supply a large piece of construction paper, glue, and pamphlets, news clippings, promotional material, logos, of organizations and their work in God’s name. These could include charities, organizations, peacemakers, missionaries, refuge centers, etc. You could also include some bible verses or quotes that could be included in the collage if you wish.

The students should cut these out and create a large collage for the wall. Put a title of “Christianity in Action” across the top of this.


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