Crafts for Sunday School – Jesus Knows My Name

Using Sunday school crafts with your 2-7 year olds is an excellent way to engage and hold their interest.  The themes here can be used to teach the concepts of creation; God loves me; I am special and uniquely made by God; and praise.

Sunday School Crafts Series: “Jesus Knows My Name”

Supplies Needed:
Plain Wood Blocks (To save the expense of purchasing wood blocks, ask someone with the proper tools to cut the wood blocks at home.)
Paints and Brushes
Table Covers
Small Plastic Bags

Provide enough plain wood blocks to each child so they can spell out their first name.
Children should paint each block with one color of a water-based paint so they will dry quickly.

Afterward, kids should pencil each letter of their first name onto a different block, creating the letter as large as the block will allow. Then paint over the penciled letters. (Several layers may be needed.) Paint creatively, as desired.

OPTIONAL: If children wish to further decorate their blocks, they may wish to paint symbols on other sides, attach small stickers, or use other craft items to decorate.

Provide each child with a small plastic bag to place their wood blocks inside to carry home. Tell kids to arrange the blocks in order when they get home and share with their family that Jesus knows each one of their names – in fact, Jesus knows everything about us, down to every single hair on our heads!


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