Craft Idea for Sunday School – Jacob Fights the Angel Picture

Sunday school crafts are a great way to engage children and raise their enthusiasm about the lesson you are teaching.

To continue our [tag]Sunday school[/tag] lesson about [tag]Jacob[/tag] wrestling the angel, try this latest idea in our Sunday School Crafts Series with your younger students. The story of Jacob wrestling all night with the angels is a good story to show another another great Christian virtue in action, that of persistence.

Sunday School Crafts Series: “Jacob Fights the Angel” Picture

Have the children draw a picture of Jacob fighting the angel, using some cut out shapes that you made earlier before the class. They can use glue stick where appropriate.

Materials needed:
• light colored construction paper, one sheet for each child
• Large buttons (light color if possible), one for each child
• Bright and dark colored marker pens
• glue sticks
• one sheet yellow construction paper with moons cut out, one moon for each child
• four sheets of brightly colored tissue paper for cutting out angel wings, one set of wings for each
• stapler
• scotch tape
• glitter
• newspaper (to put down on craft table before glitter projects)
• aluminum foil
• scissors

• Have the moon on one side of the picture and the sun on the other (to show “all night”). Sun can be a button put on with glue stick, with crayon rays coming out of it; Moon can be cut outs from the yellow construction paper;
• The angel’s wings can be four sheets of tissue paper put together and cut into wing shapes, one under the other, so that each child gets four wings. Each child should lay the wings on their angel’s back. Staple it down in the very center, and when they pull up on the tissue paper, it will make wings. (Tape down staples after for younger children!)
• Put glitter on Jacob’s leg and arm muscles and on his hip where the angel struck him.
• Make little crowns out of aluminum foil (cut in a 1-inch square, with three jagged points at the top). The angel can be handing the crown to Joseph, or it can be off to the side on a rock.
• Have everyone write at the top JACOB WRESTLES THE ANGEL: GENESIS 32.


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