Craft Idea for Sunday School – Eye of God

Sunday school crafts are a great way to engage children and raise enthusiasm.  This craft idea for Sunday school is one which originated in Mexico, allegedly hundreds of years ago, and is still popular.  It goes with scriptures concerning how God’s eye never leaves us and we can always count on him to understand what goes on in our lives.  This “Eye of God” reminds us of such when we carry it or put it near our beds.

Sunday School Crafts Series: “Eye of God”

•Popsicle sticks, two for each child
•Red, yellow and green yarn—lots
•Hot glue gun or glue stick

Before Class:
1.Glue two popsicle sticks together for each child to form a square cross.  Make sure glue is dry in time for class.
2.Make little balls of yarn, three for each child of each of the three colors.  Each will need about three feet of the green, six feet of the yellow, and nine feet of the red.

1.Starting with the green yarn, have each child tie a knot at the center of where the popsicle sticks cross.  Then, loop the thread around a popsicle stick, pull it firmly, loop it to the next stick and go around it pulling firmly, then loop it to the third stick and go around and pull it firmly…they should keep going around and around until they have made 6-10 trips around the stick.
2.Tie off the green thread on nearest stick.
3.Do the same with the yellow yarn, then the same with the red yarn, until only an inch of popsicle stick remains showing.  Tie off the red yarn.


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