Childrens Sunday School Object Lessons – God Makes us Strong

God changes us from clear and weak and slimy to white and strong and good. These childrens Sunday school object lessons use the simple egg to illustrate how God makes us strong.

Sunday School Object Lessons: “God Makes us Strong”

Exodus 9:27, James 5:14, John 12:2

Raw eggs (you’re going to scramble eggs for your students to eat, so the number you need will depend on the number of students. Keep two aside for the demonstration). Bowl, fork or whisk, spatula, large fry pan, hot plate or burner, oil, butter for toast, slices of toast or slices of bread and toaster, one slice for each student.
**Notes: This works best in a church kitchen or home kitchen, but can be done in a classroom with a hot plate.

Whisk enough eggs before class to make enough for all students to get a helping of scrambled eggs. Refrigerate.
Toast bread so that each child can have a slice. Keep warm.
Place the bowl on the floor between your feet while students look on.

Hold up an egg. What’s this?

What do we normally do with eggs? Cook them and eat them.

This is just a plain old raw egg. It reminds me of me before I met Jesus. I was pretty smooth. I looked good. I looked solid. But sometimes the storms of life would come along. I might have looked good on the outside, but it was all an act. On the inside I was mushy. My strong looks were not what they appeared.

Shake the egg just a little—not enough to break it.

If I got bullied, or if kids ignored me, or if someone disappointed me, or I got some really bad news from my family…

Drop the egg into the bowl. Let the children see it all cracked.

I could “break” pretty easily. Once we become Christians, God gives us special strength. But the Christian walk isn’t always easy. To make us stronger and more usable to Him, God sometimes “puts a little heat” in our lives.

Put the egg and cracked shell into a garbage bag. Light the burner, put the pan on it.

Lots of times in the Bible the Holy Spirit is symbolized by oil. Pour oil into the pan quickly.

God commands in Exodus 9:27 that to bring men into the priesthood, “Then shalt thou take the anointing oil, and pour it upon his head, and anoint him.”

James 5:14 says, “Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.” Oil is used to anoint sick people.

Oil is important to Christian rituals, and it’s important to cooking, too. It will keep our egg from sticking once it gets hot.

Jesus described salvation using a seed. In John 12:2 Jesus said, “Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

Seeds are like eggs. They’re not good for much unless they’re cracked open.

Crack a new egg on the side of the pan. Let it fall into the oil.

We have to give our lives to Christ in order to become strong Christians. There’s no other way. Some call this “a death to self” or a time when we leave the throne of our own lives and we seat Jesus on the throne. He rules us thereafter. Hence our death is not really a death, but the start of a new and far better life.

Before we accept Jesus as our Savior, we’re kind of clear and gooey. We don’t have much color. We’re kind of raw in getting around in life.

Look what’s happening now to our egg. They should see the egg white starting to turn from clear to white.

Now we’re getting some color, aren’t we? We don’t want to touch that pan. It’s really hot. It’s like our lives. I’ve heard some people scratching their heads and saying, “Once I became really serious about Jesus, things around me started to go wrong.” That’s a common sensation. But it’s not that anything is really wrong. It’s that God “puts the heat under us” so that we can sustenance and color, and we can be used by Him.

Right now, this egg is sunny side up. Have you ever heard the expression, “Keep your sunny side up?” What does it mean? Always be happy; always try to see the good.

In Christianity, we call this, “having joy.” We can always have joy if we can see God’s hand in every experience, even those that feel like “we’re in the heat.”

What if we turned this egg over? We wouldn’t have our sunny side up anymore.

The “sunny side of an egg” is caused by the yolk, the yellow part. In our Christian lives, we can compare this to having Jesus at the center of things. If we turned this egg over, would we still have a yolk at the center? Yes.

Turn the egg over with the spatula.

So long as Jesus is at the center of our lives, we will have strength.

Break the yolk intentionally with the spatula. Now. The egg is cooked. What can we do with it now?  We can eat it.

Once God has put “heat” under us, we can serve others. Lots of Bible expressions refer to god’s word as a sort of “meal.” We’re filling up spiritually when we “feast” on God’s word. Jesus even referred to his own body as bread.

Turn off burner.

Heat has made us strong. We can now say and do things to serve God. Others can now “feast” on Jesus via what we say and do.

Let’s eat eggs together and thank God for the heat, for the oil, for the spices.

Add the scrambled eggs to the fry pan and cook them. Heat toast in microwave or toaster.


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