Childrens Sunday School Lesson – In the Beginning

Try these ideas to teach this childrens Sunday school lesson about the beginning of the world and how God set up rules for us to follow.  The consequences of not following God’s rules introduced sin into our world.  These activities really help your 6-8 year olds understand the need to follow God’s rules.Childrens Sunday School Lessons

Sunday School Lesson: “In the Beginning”

Activity:  resisting temptation Place a basket of healthy snacks on the table with some candy choices as well.  Tell the students that they can pick a snack from the basket, but not the candy.  Then leave the room for a few moments. (Stand outside the door to ensure safety and so that you can hear any discussion.)  When you reenter the room, note what they took, did anyone take the candy?  Explain that God told Adam and Eve that they could eat what they wanted, but not to take the fruit from the tree of knowledge and that is what they’ll learn today.

Bible Story:
Tell the story of Genesis 3 in basic language that this age can understand.  There are several picture versions in children’s Bibles that are appropriate but not necessary.  Paraphrasing a version of the Bible you feel comfortable with is fine.

Discussion:  the reason for rules
God was sad that Adam and Eve didn’t listen to him.  Why does God have rules for us to follow?  Do rules help us?  Also discuss parents’ boundaries and consequences.

Game:  Simon Says
Give the students a command to follow using the phrase “Simon says”.  If you don’t say “Simon says”, the students shouldn’t follow the command.  If they do follow that command, they should sit down and be counted out of the game.  Try to trick the students by giving them a command without saying Simon says.  Example:  “Simon says, stand up.”  “Jump” (They shouldn’t jump.)

  Act out a world with no rules
If there were no rules, how might people act?  Ask each student to show the class how someone might behave with no rules.  Example:  Someone might hit you if they wanted your toy.


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