Childrens Sunday School – Achans Sin

Here are ideas for children’s Sunday school lessons to teach the lesson of “Achan’s sin”.  For 2-5 year olds, these activities are excellent tools to teach the morals of this story and to help them respect each others belongings.

Sunday School Lessons: “Achans Sin”

Childrens Sunday School Lessons

As the children come in, have them place one thing that belongs to them in a box. It could be a necklace, shoe, sock, hair bow, etc. After everyone has put something in the box, have them tell the rest of the class what they put in the box and why that item is important to them. Put the box up on a counter or somewhere out of the way.

Have the children help you build a big tent using big blankets and/or sheets, chairs and tables. After the tent is built, sit inside of it with the children and talk about how the Israeliteslived in tents.

Bible Story:
Tell the story of Achan’s sin from Joshua 7. You can use a children’s bible to tell the story or just tell it in such a way that this age group can understand.

Ask the children if it is nice to take things that do not belong to them. Emphasize to them that just like Achan hurt others by what he did, they also would be hurting others if they took things that do not belong to them. Also emphasize that God is always watching us and can see when we do good things and when we do things that are not so nice.

Get the box from the beginning of class back out. Ask the children if they remember putting something in the box. Remind them that each of them has something inside the box. Ask the children how they would feel if you just take the box home with their belongings in it and keep all of those things for yourself. Then you can emphasize to them that God felt the same way when Achan took things that did not belong to him. Return the children’s’ belongings to them.

Sing the Achan song to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me”

Achan took a wedge of gold,
Silver and a robe we’re told

Buried them inside his tent
About his business then he went.

Jehovah noticed
Jehovah noticed
Jehovah noticed
That Achan stole the gold.

When we steal or disobey,
Lie or fight or fail to pray,
Someone knows just what we do,
where we are, and why, too.

Jehovah noticed
Jehovah noticed
Jehovah noticed
He sees all that we do.


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