Childrens Bible Study – Popsicle Stick Puppets

When I am teaching childrens Bible study, I will introduce the characters of the Bible story with puppets first.  I find that children become communicative when a puppet is used.

Try this Sunday school Bible study activity to let them create their own puppets. The characters of any Bible story will make great popsicle stick puppets.  Use small homemade pompoms for hair and beards.

Bible Study Activity: “Popsicle Stick Puppets”

•Popsickle sticks.  Two or three for each child
•Homemade mini pompoms (see instructions below)
•Paint, varying colors
•Glue sticks
•Styrofoam bowls to use as puppet stands, one for each child
•Scraps of old fabric, 2-inches wide by 4-inches long

Before Class:
1.Make homemade mimi pompoms as follows:
a.Wrap a piece of brown or black yard around your index finger loosely
b.Remove the loops from your finger, pinching them together at the top
c.Run another piece of yarn through the loops and tie it tightly
d.Cut the loops to make twelve pieces of yarn hair   Cut it very short or keep it long
e.Keep the yarn strand long that was used to tie the loops, as children will need the lengths to tie the hair on the popsicle stick
2.Do enough mini pompoms so every child can have a couple heads of hair and a beard.
3.Lay out as many popsicle sticks as you need to supply all children with two or three
4.Paint the top inch of each stick black (that’s where the hair will go )
5.Paint the second inch pink or gold (flesh colored) to be the face
6.Leave the rest blank
7.Cut out “outfit” shapes with the squares of fabric   Make them vary in length and fabric pattern
8.Punch three slits in the bottom of styromfoam bowls, one bowl for each child


Give two or three popsicle sticks to each child.  Have them:

1.Pick their own pompoms for hair and outfits from a box or bowl or bag in the center of the table
2.Tie a pompom over the black part of the popsicle stick to make hair.  Knot should be tight and may need teacher’s help  Stick glue used under the pompom will help hold it in place.
3.Color on eyes, nose and mouth with marker pens.
4.Tie on a beard if needed or wanted
5.Apply an “outfit” to each stick using stick glue
6.Decorate the outfit with glitter, buttons, foil, etc.
7.Turn over the styrofoam bowl and stick the bottoms of the popsicle stick into the slit.
8.Play games with puppets or have a puppet show!


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