Childrens Bible Studies and Activities – Moses is Born

These [tag]children’s Bible studies and activities[/tag] of Moses’ birth shows how he escaped death when such looked impossible for male Hebrew babies.

Children believe that God will help them in times of trouble, but we need to put that theory into action with them.  Children’s Bible studies can help to reaffirm this message with engaging activities your students will enjoy!

God rewards courage that is combined with trust in him, and Moses’ mother had that courage. She put [tag]Moses[/tag] in a basket and let him float out over the waters so he wouldn’t be killed by the Egyptians.

We want kids to feel confident that God helps us find courage in times of trouble, too. He loves a faithful heart and is joyful in rewarding it.

Children’s Bible Studies Series



We’re going to play a game that puts us in Moses’ mother’s shoes. She had a scary choice. If she did nothing, her son Moses would be killed by bad men. If she did something, it was risky and he still might die. But something was better than nothing.
If we step out in faith and do something, even if we’re not really smart or really big or really strong, we can count on the fact that God protects people who show courage.

Let’s play the Monster Game and pretend we are as courageous as Moses’ mother.
Have all children except one huddle in a corner. Have the one excluded child be the monster. The monster will wear a scary bag over his head so he can’t see. Have him stand in the center of the room facing the corner where the children are huddled.
Each time the teacher says, “Monster, Advance!” the monster should take one giant step forward.

After the second time she says “Monster, Advance!” the children are free to try to leave the corner for their destination, which is “The Water,” the other corner. The monster should reach out for what he hears or senses moving and try to tag people. If children are tagged, they are captives of the giant and must sit off to the side. If they get past him, they should make it to the safety of The Water.

Allow several children to be the monster. Then bring them all back together for a discussion.
What would have happened to you if you had stayed in the corner? They would surely have gotten tagged.

What would have happened to Moses if his mother had stayed in her corner, meaning she did nothing to get her baby away from the Egyptians? Moses would have gotten killed.

What is a “risk”? What does it mean to “take a risk?” It means you do something rather than nothing.
Most (all) of you risked leaving the corner to keep the monster from catching you. The game prize doesn’t just go to the people who reached “The Water,” or who “got there first.” The prize goes to…
Everyone who left the corner. (Give out prizes to all: a few m&ms, marshmallows,
cookies, etc).

Why is that? Why am I rewarding all those who left the corner? Because they all showed courage.

They all took a risk.
• Moses’ mother was not a genius. A baby could have drown in that water.
• She was not a strong warrior. She had a baby only three months ago.
• She was not rich. She was a slave.
• She was not perfect.
• But she had a mother’s love, and when it came time to show courage, she didn’t
just stand there, too afraid to do anything. She trusted God would help her.
• God rewarded Moses’ mother’s love and her courage.

If you show courage to do the right thing, God will help you, too.


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