Childrens Bible Lessons – Bouncing for Joy

If you are preparing childrens Bible lessons on King David, try this Bible game with your younger students. This teaches them ways to keep the joy in their hearts even when others are trying to take it away.

Bible Game: “Bouncing for Joy”

(Teacher words in Bold.)

King David showed his joy for the Lord by dancing in the streets. Michal thought David was silly and hated him for his activity. In essence, Michal wanted to stop David’s joy.

How many times are we happy about something and someone wants to take it away from us or stop our joy? It could be a parent, who is doing it for your own safety, but it could also be another kid, who remembers a Sunday School teacher doing something special for you, and not for him/her.

Take the sticky note and put it on one of the kids. The kid stands in the middle and the other kids stand in a circle around “Joy.” One of the children takes the plastic ball and tries to throw it to another child in the circle, without the child in the middle getting the ball. If the child in the middle gets the ball, the child who threw it goes in the middle and gets the “joy” sticker.

Throwing the ball so the person can’t catch it…This reminds us of when people try to keep joy away from us. But we can “catch” and “keep” our joy if we keep our eyes on it!

Prizes could be given to a winner, or all the children.


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