Children Church Lessons – Achans Sin

Here are some ideas for preparing a children’s church lesson for your 12-14 year olds.  These ideas for teaching the lesson of Achan’s Sin stimulate some thoughtful discussions in your teens Sunday school class about their actions and how others are affected by them.

Children’s Church Lesson: “Achans Sin”

Children Church Lessons

Children’s Church Lesson Reading:
Have the students take turns reading the story of Achan’s sin from Joshua 7.

Discussion #1:
Ask the students if God will notice all sins or just the big sins. Discuss who our sins affect.

Discussion #2:
Have a class discussion about how others sins affect you. Talk about how you can help others obey God.

Children’s Church Lesson Activity:
Have the students write a news story about Achan. Have them include in the story the moral: why we should not sin.


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