Can This Game Teach Us How to Turn the Other Cheek?

In Matthew 5:38-40 Jesus says, “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”  This is a Bible game that helps children understand the concept of turning the other cheek.

This means that if someone says something mean to you–how should you answer?  With something kind. This is very hard to do. It takes practice.

Bible Game: “Turn the Other Cheek”

Warning: Messy Bible game! Children should be dressed appropriately, and this is great for outside on a warm day!
Materials needed: A dozen raw eggs (or more, depending on the number of children you have), masking tape, soap and water to clean up afterward, containers for raw eggs
Preparation: Create a start line using the masking tape. Put eggs in containers for yourself and the assistant.

Object: To get to the finish line having broken the least amount of eggs

The comments friends make to each other are sort of like this egg.

Hold up an egg.

If we don’t think about what we’re doing and saying, we can say something that could cause relationships to get messy. We want to treat our friendships with care, so that even if fights “break out” we can turn the other cheek and still be friends.

It’s sort of like this game.


  • Divide students up in pairs so that partners are closest in height.
  • Have them line up at the start line.
  • Give each team an egg.
  • The partners must hold it between their cheeks without breaking it.
  • Say, “Go!”. Teams must move to the far wall, touch it, turn, and return to the start
  • line with the egg between their cheeks.
  • If the egg breaks, the teammates should shout, “Turn the other cheek!”
  • When you or the assistant hear it, one of you should run to them and replace the
  • egg quickly.
  • The teammates must stand still until they are given a new egg. They should then use their other cheeks and continue on their journey.
  • As many times as teams break their egg, they should shout “Turn the other cheek!” and get a replacement egg.

When all teams return to the start, the pair that broke the least number of eggs wins.

Conclusion: In the week to come, let’s think of what the phrase really means and see if we can get a chance to respond nicely to meanness!


What do you think of this Bible game? Like it? Love it? Would never try it in a million years? Give me some feedback and let me know by leaving a comment in the box below!  And don’t forget to Follow me on Twitter, where I will share more great Bible game ideas!

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  • Marcy

    Reply Reply June 10, 2012

    I am really considering trying this one! I’m going to be starting a sunday school myself with only a few children and this sounds perfect to try! Thank You!

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