Bible Study Lessons for Children – Bread From Heaven

To continue our [tag]Bible study lessons for children[/tag], use this lesson on the [tag]Bread from Heaven[/tag].

“Bread from Heaven” Bible Study

It is good to reinforce while they are young that just like God provided for the [tag]Israelites[/tag] in the desert, so he will provide for us. He hears better about the things we want if we are grateful for those wants he’s already fulfilled.

Children tend to “live in the now,” meaning they don’t worry about dinner until they start to feel hungry. “Mom or Dad will take care of it,” they think. Hence, they might be surprised to hear how fast the Israelites started to grumble at Moses with things like, “What will we eat out here in the desert?”

The Israelites were so happy for their freedom, and then they got unhappy really fast when they thought God wouldn’t give them anything to eat.How quickly they forgot that  God had freed them by throwing back the waters of the Red Sea. Soon after, they were complaining because they didn’t have food. God provided the food, and they tried to save it. When it spoiled, they were unhappy again.

Ask your students to draw a picture of something they want very badly. They should write at the bottom when they expect to get this thing (tomorrow, next week, next birthday, next year). It’s hard for us to remember what we have when there’s something we want. But guess what? There’s always something we want. However, when we forget what we already have, our feelings start to sink.

You can use a  bottle of bubbles and bubble blower to illustrate this point. Point out that sometimes the things we want are like bubbles. They shoot out into the air and look very fun and beautiful. Blow again, tell the children not to break them, and watch them get close to the ground. When we’re not grateful enough, and when we’re not patient enough, our desires burst, like the bubbles. Most of our desires are short term. We often get the item and then stop caring about it because something else gets to be a want. Then we want that new thing.

Teach them to ask God to help them be patient for the thing they want on the other side. And help them to accept His will, if you think we will lose interest in it quickly or you have an even better plan in mind!


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