Bible Stories for Children – David Kills Goliath

One of the greatest Bible stories for children is David defeating Goliath in the Valley of Elah.  This Sunday school lesson shows them that God is willing to use the small and the young to stand as his most important servants and come out victorious over giants.

This Sunday school lesson will teach how God gave David training for killing Goliath by making him a shepherd. Sometimes our lives don’t make sense, but it’s all a part of God’s training and God’s plan.

Sunday School Lesson: “David Kills Goliath”

God gave David the power to do something very brave, something not even the biggest and bravest soldier in the Israeli army could not do. God gave him power to kill Goliath, a man who stood over nine feet tall.

But God gave him some special training as well. He got this training because he was a shepherd, and when he was watching over the sheep, what would happen sometimes?

David killed at least one lion and one bear with his bare hands to protect the sheep. The story goes that David would knock out the huge lion or bear with stones flung from his sling shot. But who would have ever thought that protecting sheep would be training to kill a huge bully like Goliath?

How would you feel, staring down a huge, hungry lion or bear? Scared.

Do you think David really wanted to kill lions and bears when he was just a kid or just a teenager?  If God can do anything, why didn’t He just kill the lion or bear himself ? Why did God set it up so David had to kill the lion or bear? Because he wanted David to be strong and responsible and not lazy.

What did David’s training enable him to do? It helped him to kill a giant bully.

What if the Lord had not asked David to kill wild animals to protect his sheep?  He could not have killed Goliath.

Sometimes our parents ask us to do things that seem bothersome, and we don’t understand. However, all responsibility we take now is great training for becoming a hero to others–this is one of the many lessons we learn from the story of David and Goliath.


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