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Teaching the Parable of the Ten Maidens (Part 2)

batteries bible gameToday, we’re going to finish up the Ten Maidens parable lesson with a great Bible game that your students are sure to love.

If you missed Part 1 of this lesson, you can see it here.

Following God’s Light, Finding our Light: Game

Have the students take their seats at the table. Turn out the lights.

Using one flashlight, show them that one battery has been taken out of the other flashlight.

Put the flashlight with the one battery on the table in the middle of them.

Tell them you’re going to hide the other battery somewhere in the room. Have everyone put their heads down.

Say, “Go!” after you have hidden the battery and moved away from the hiding place.

When they try to find the battery in the dark, note four or five places, including where the battery is hidden, and keep shining the light on those places.

While they’re searching, keep saying, “Follow the light of God! It’s not easy! Sometimes the way is dark, and we can’t quite tell where we should be looking! If you are persistent, you will find your battery light!”

The first student to find the battery, run it back to the flashlight on the table, insert it with its fellow battery, and turn the flashlight on, is “The Light of the World” for that round!

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