water well bible game

“Over-Under Water Well” Summer Bible Game

water well bible game

For the past few years, August has been earmarked as Water Quality Month. It’s a great opportunity to get kids involved with a crisis that is beyond most of their comprehensions. Across the globe, places exist where the very water children need to survive can make them ill each time they drink it. In many African villages, the water is so bad, that the children have violent digestive reactions within minutes of drinking it, and yet these children need water to live. As a result, over 4,000 children die every day from diseases that could be prevented with clean water.  This Bible game will help students learn about water quality around the world. In keeping with the theme of water, this is a messy water game! Kids in summer will love it, but you may want to warn parents in advance that their kids will be coming home wet!

Bible Game: Over-Under Water Well

Bible Game Materials

  • Three Plastic Buckets
  • Six More Buckets (same size as buckets above or bigger if desired)
  • Sharp Knife
  • Sharpie
  • Water


Bible Game Object

Students will be race the fill their team’s bucket before all of the water runs out.

Bible Game Introduction

When you’re at home and you get thirsty, what do you do? You probably go get a glass and fill it up with water from the sink. The water is nice and cold and crystal clear. You’re free to drink as much as you want whenever you want.

However, that’s not how things are all around the world. In some places, people have to collect water from a well or a river or stream. That water can be dirty and unhealthy to drink. It needs to be boiled first to kill the germs in it. But boiling the water doesn’t make it completely safe. Many times, kids your age get sick from drinking this water and sometimes, they could die.

As we go through Water Quality Month, we should keep in mind the people who aren’t as fortunate as we are.

Bible Game Preparation

• Be sure to tell students before-hand to wear clothing that is appropriate for getting wet.

• Cut about five or six holes in the bottom of the three smallest buckets.

• Inside three buckets without holes, draw a line that goes around the center with a sharpie.

• Fill the unmarked, uncut, three buckets almost to the top with water.


Bible Game Instructions

1. If possible, divide class into three even teams.

2. Place buckets of water two feet apart and have each team line up in front of the bucket.

3. Place the empty buckets in front of each team.

4. Give a bucket with holes to the person directly in front of the bucket with water.

5. When you say “Go!” the student with the holed bucket will fill it with water and hand it to the person in front of them under their legs.

6. That person will hand the bucket to the person in front of them but over their head.

7. The bucket continues to go over the heads and under the legs until it gets to the last person.

8. That person will pour the remaining water inside the empty bucket in front of them.

9. The bucket will then make its way backwards to the first person in the line.

10.It does not have to be handed back in the over-under style; students can just turn and hand the bucket back.

11.Steps six through nine will be repeated until a team fills their bucket to the marked line.

12.That team will be declared the winner, whichever team is second to reach the line gets second place, and the last team will receive third.



Water is often a symbol of God’s “saturation” of our spirits, such as when we get baptized. Right now, you’re all pretty wet. Hopefully today we’ve been saturated by God’s love, so we can remember to pray for those in need of life’s most basic necessity—water!


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    We love doing water games and science experiments in the summer! Thanks for posting!

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