Preschool Sunday School Lesson – Humility

This is a great preschool Sunday school lesson for your 2-5 year olds.  It includes crafts and games which always hold attention.Preschool Sunday School Lesson

Preschool Sunday School Lesson to help teach about “Humility”

Bible Story:  Tell the story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples in basic language that this age group can understand.  If you can’t find an illustrated copy of this in the library for use in your class, use the bible but translate the bible story into a simple language that the little ones can understand.

Sunday School Lesson Discussion:  Who’s the best?  Talk about the meaning of the story and how Jesus was showing us that we are not better than the other people around us.  Also discuss how it makes us feel when someone says that we are not as good as they are.

Sunday School Lesson Art Project:  For this project you will need some construction paper, a pen, art supplies, glue or double sided tape, and large bowl shape cut out of construction paper.

Put the children into pairs – if possible group an older child with a younger one.  Have them take off their shoes and socks.  Each child should draw around the feet of his or her partner onto some construction paper.  Once the feet shapes are on paper, the children should color them and then you cut them out.  Put the name of each child onto the appropriate feet and then stick these onto your bowl shape and pin the completed picture on the wall to remind the children of the humility of Jesus who washed the feet of his disciples so that they remember that no-one is greater than another.

Sunday School Lesson Game:  Hunt the foot

Need:  1 cut out foot shape.

Ask the children to close their eyes while you hide the foot shape.  When it’s hidden, ask the children to find it.  Whoever finds it, gets to hide it while the others again close their eyes.


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