Children will giggle as they try to keep their pompom ball not on the straight and narrow, but on a twisted zig-zag racetrack. They will rush to be the first one to cross the line but they will also learn that patience is key to completing this obstacle course.


  • Blue painter’s tape
  • Pompom balls
  • Straws


Children will race each other to be the first one to successfully navigate a racetrack.


Make two racetracks on the floor about three feet apart. Racetracks should zig-zag at points and be straight lines at others. Use the tape to form a center lane of floor in between two pieces.


When Palm Sunday happened, no one was sure what it meant. They thought maybe Jesus would be crowned king of Israel. They sure felt let down and confused by Good Friday. They weren’t able to see the big picture. Many times, we are faced with a problem or time where we aren’t really sure what will happen next. Let’s see the solution by playing a game.


1. Choose two students to go first and give each one a straw and a pompom ball.

2. Have students kneel at the starting line of their designated racetrack.

3. When you say “Go!” students will use their straw to blow their pompom ball forward.

4. The pompom ball must remain in the middle of the two taped lines.

5. If the ball exits the track, the student must take it back to the beginning and start o v e r.

6. The first student to get his ball successfully through the racetrack wins.

7. Rule: They can only blow on the pompon. They may not suck the pompon onto the straw and scramble!

8. Repeat with new students.


It was really hard to keep our pompom ball on the racetrack! Especially when we had all of those zig-zags to navigate. Even though it was very easy to get frustrated, the more we tried, the simpler the course got.

The longer you remain a Christian, the easier it will become to work with the power of the Holy Spirit

The next time you are faced with something that is frustrating and confusing, remember that the Holy Spirit is with you, and he is there to guide you into all truth, with strength and power. Jesus promised this to his disciples shortly after he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Let’s all pray for an opportunity to use the power of the Holy Spirit this special week, Easter Week.

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