Here are some ideas for your [tag]youth Sunday school lessons[/tag] to teach the lessons on the [tag]Trials of Job[/tag].  Everyone faces hardship in life, and it is a good lesson for children to learn early on that hardship is normal while we are on earth. But like with Job, we ought to be steadfast in our belief that God is in charge through all.

It is important for children to understand, via servants like Job, that hardship doesn’t mean that God is unhappy with us. He allows things to happen for a reason but is more than capable of restoring our happiness in due time.

Try this game with your younger children to teach this message.

Good Days / Bad Days
Have all the children stand in a line in the center of the room. Stand in the front of the line without looking at the children. Explain that when you say “Good Day!” they will take a step to the left. When you say “Bad Day!” they will take a step to the right. Keep mixing it up, so that, for example you’re saying three “Good days!” then two “Bad Days!” The object is for them to reach the wall eventually.
Did you start to think we would never reach that wall together? That’s what it’s like when we have three or four bad days in a row. We think we will never be happy again!

Often times, the characters of the Bible are helpful to us because we get in similar situations to ones they were in, and we can learn lessons from how they acted. Job lost everything. God was very happy with Job when he didn’t blame God for the bad things that happened. Job trusted and relied on God to do the right thing, and so God restored his fortune.

Sometimes we don’t get what we want. Sometimes we are surprised when a bad thing happens. We think something good is coming, and it turns out that we get something very bad instead. Does that mean that God doesn’t love us? No.
Does that mean that God caused the bad thing to happen? No.  God knows about our hard times and he cares very much.

But if we stick with the Lord and believe in His might, we get back to our happiness after a time!