As you continue your [tag]youth Bible study lessons[/tag] on [tag]Solomon[/tag], here is a game to use with your younger children.  This is a [tag]Sunday school[/tag] activity or [tag]Bible study[/tag] activitiy that will show them that they too can learn to make wise decisions.

Bring Your Requests Before the King
Bring out a chair to use as a throne. You can decorate it with streamers or construction paper. If you have a decorative cape that can be used for a robe, use that also. Let the kids take turns putting on their crowns, sitting on the throne, and roll playing as King.

Have the children approach the king one at a time with a request such as the following:
1. Your Highness, I had the toy first, and she won’t give it back. Can you solve this for me?
2. Your Highness, my mom told me I have to eat broccoli, and I can’t stand it. Can I get out of this somehow?
3. Your Highness, I want to go to my friend’s house, and my mom says I can’t cross the street. How can I get to my friend’s house?
4. Your Highness, my teacher at school picks everyone but me when we raise our hands. May I please have some ideas on how to get the teacher to call on me?
5. Your Highness, everyone is taller than I am. So nobody picks me for their team. How can I get picked first?
6. Your Highness, I’m the oldest, and whenever my brother and I fight, my parents say I should know better. But sometimes he drives me crazy. What can I do?
7. Your Highness, when my friend comes over, she wants to watch TV and I want to play with toys. She refuses to do anything but stare at the TV. How can I get her to play?
8. Your Highness, I saw a kid on my street being really mean to his dog. He told me if I tell my  mom what I saw, he’ll beat me up. Should I be afraid of him?
9. Your Highness, my mom wants me to give a bunch of my toys to the poor, and I don’t want to. I might use them again sometime. What should I do?
10.Your Highness, my Christmas list is three pages long. My parents say that’s too much. But I  want all this stuff. Should I really have to make my list shorter?

While it might be tempting to do a whole lot of prompting, often these games go better once the kids realize the adults are not there to put ideas in their heads and they are free to think of answers themselves.  Only prompt when kids are king who are prone to one liners. You can say “take some time to think about it, Your Highness,” and praise all answers.

Stress the importance of the idea  that knowing stuff is better than having stuff.