Here is a service project idea for your younger Sunday School or Bible study students to help with large charitable organizations. It is a direct way your younger students can raise funds to help cancer research for children and find that their efforts can help.

Children’s Community Service Project:  Alex’s Lemonade Stand

4-star rating, Charity Navigator

This charity, started by 8-year-old Alexandra Scott, understands how greatly children can impact giving. With the use of lemonade stands and related products,   Alex’s Lemonade stand has raised over $40 million for children’s cancer research.

The site is very kid friendly, and the web page listed above offers charity fundraising tips and ideas for every age group. If a child in your class has cancer or knows of someone who does, this might be appealing. This charity seems especially sensitive to the fact that clubs may want to adopt them, and things are laid out very simply.

This contribution empowers your students and encourages them to help others.


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