Communities vary greatly and so do the services needed. Rural vs. urban, coasts vs. mountains, affluence vs. great need–these are just a few of the issues
that make community service differ from place to place.  Here are ideas where you and your class could provide services to children in the community.

Services for Children
1. Set up visits with any long-term sick children in your congregation.  Especially if children are sick over a long period, the situation may require
adults to encourage regular connections.

For example, one Sunday school teacher knew of a child in her neighborhood who had to school at home while undergoing treatment for a blood disorder. She found, to her amazement, that the girl’s friends from school had only visited once between September and December!

Children sometimes find illnesses mysterious and intimidating, but with adult encouragement they can get over that quickly.

Your church bulletin should contain the names of any sick children, and the office should be able to put you in contact with the child’s parents. Ask them if the child would like a visit from a few in your Sunday School class. The parents and lonely child may be thrilled!

Things you can do:
– Have each child bring an age-appropriate toy he or she is no longer using
– Find out what snacks the child is allowed and bring those to share
– Drop off hand-made cards if the child can’t have exposure to others.
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