Kids may want to form their own charity for many reasons, but usually they have watched a friend or loved one suffer through a very challenging situation, or they’ve been through one themselves. Kids have started many charities which have come to be highly regarded services for the community and even the nation. They also have the support of someone like you who can help them stay on course.  Here are examples of two successful organizations started by children as a service project.

Service Project: David Feeds the Hungry

David Levitt,11
Write-Up on KidsWorld:

After reading about hungry people in America, David started a program in his school so that leftover food could be donated to food banks. In spite of being discouraged by a lot of well-meaning adults citing the paperwork challenges, David went ahead on his own and formed a charity. Today, over 100 schools in his county donate more than 234,000 pounds of food every two years to local food banks.


Service Project: Carebags Foundation

Annie Wignall, 11

Annie Wignall became aware of children in foster homes who frequently had to switch homes with barely a moment’s notice. She was so deeply moved by the plight of girls her age being without shampoo, toothpaste, and even the most basic of necessities that she formed Carebags. Her vision has expanded, and with many sponsors and international links, her care bags are being delivered to kids overseas. Her first big project sent care bags to victims of Hurricane Katrina.


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