forgiveness bible game

This wet-and-wild Bible game will help children learn about the importance of forgiveness. They will also learn that forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting, but moving on. You can learn from your experiences on how to be a better person while laughing and getting wet!


– Water
– One plastic cup per child
– Four buckets


Children will compete to see which team can collect the most water.


Forgiveness is a hard lesson to learn. The bad things that happen to us tend to overshadow the good things, maybe because they are so unexpected or they hurt us so much. Whatever the reason behind it, we need to learn to let things go so that we can successfully move forward. Let’s revisit this later, after our Bible game!


1. If possible, separate the class into two even teams.

2. Have the teams form two straight lines.

3. Give each child a cup.

4. Place an empty bucket behind the last child in each line.

5. Place a bucket full of water in front of the first child in each line.

6. When you say “Go!” the first child in each line will scoop water from the bucket in front of them.

7. They will then pour the water into the cup of the person behind them. They may not turn around, not even the last child.

8. The cup must always be passed over each child’s head.

9. Each child will pass the water back by pouring it into their teammate’s cup from overhead.

10. Children must have two hands on their cup at all times.

11. The team that has collected the most water after 60 seconds wins.


The water in these cups is a little like the wrongs that we need to forgive. We don’t see where they are going when we commit to forgive; we just believe, somehow, they are going to Jesus. And eventually? Along the way we find they are all gone!

Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ God forgave you.” Let’s pass along our hurts and anger so that Jesus can take them where we don’t know”¦and make them all gone!



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