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Check out this wonderful Veterans Day Craft that reminds us all to pray for our veterans who have fought for us to enjoy the freedoms we receive everyday!  When you pray for a soldier today, remember that the energy you use is very real, and God’s answer is equally real. Prayer is real. Let’s pray to keep friends and loved ones safe as they serve to protect our land.

A three-dimensional star and a prayer wreath to hang in the students’ windows can remind them and their family members to pray for veterans regularly.

Veterans Day Craft Materials

– Two pieces of cardboard at least 8″ x 8″

– Red, white and blue construction paper

– Crayons or colored pens

– Scissors

– String

– White chalk

– Transparent tape

– Paste

– Paper punch

Veterans Day Craft Preparation

Before class use poster board to make several templates of stars approximately eight inches across. Also make smaller templates of stars approximately four inches across. Children can share templates.

Veterans Day Craft 3D Star Instructions

1. Using templates, draw two identical stars, one on a piece of white construction paper, the second on a piece of blue construction paper. On the white star draw red vertical stripes. On the blue star, use white chalk to draw white stars.

2. On one star, cut a slit that goes from the tip of the star down. (about 1 ½ inches.) On the other star cut the slit in the middle of the two bottom star points, making the slit the same size as the first star.

3. Slip the two stars together through the slits and use a little bit of transparent tape to hold the stars together. You now have a three dimensional star.

4. Make a small hole on top of the star, thread with a piece of string, and hang in the window.

Paper Plate Star Wreath Instructions

1. Using the smaller star templates cut out stars from red, white and blue construction paper.

2. Paste stars in consecutive colors starting with red, then white, then blue around edge of paper plate, overlapping each star just a little.

3. Using red crayon or pen, write “We’re praying for our Soldiers” in the center of the plate.

4. Using paper punch, punch hole of on top of plate.

5. Run string through hole and hang in window.


Revelation 5:8 says that when we pray to God and we’re very serious about it, our prayers are so real that they materialize in the heavenlies.  They turn into incense, and the angels carry around golden plates filled with incense that smokes and smells awesome.  Prayer is energy. The laws of physics dictate that energy doesn’t dissolve”¦ it keeps going and either becomes something else or causes something else.


Will you be using this Veterans Day Craft with your children or students?  If you do, please let us know how they enjoy it!



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