shrinking bag bible game

This Bible game of the shrinking paper bag will help kids appreciate their freedom, once they play a game that has so many restrictions! Get ready to hear some moaning and groaning”¦but also some laughing and rejoicing!


– A Large Paper Bag
– Scissors


Children will try to pick up a paper bag – which keeps shrinking – with only their mouths and while standing on one foot.


If the paper bag has handles, make sure they are cut off.


As we celebrate America’s independence and freedom, let’s imagine what life was like before we were the land of the free. Or even after we fought for independence and when we had slavery. Although life has gotten so much better here and around the world, there are still incidents of slavery and of repression. Today we are going to play a Bible game that will remind us how good freedom feels.


1. Have children form a circle around the paper bag.
2. Choose one child to go first.
3. They will then stand on one foot and bend down to try and pick up the bag with their mouth.
4. They may not use their hands or any other body part to pick up the bag.
5. To make the game harder, children can also keep their hands behind their backs.
6. Once everyone has successfully picked up the bag, cut an inch off of the entire top of the bag.
7. If a child falls or cannot pick up the bag, then they are out.
8. Keep cutting the bag until one student is standing.
9. That child is declared the winner.


Wouldn’t our Bible game have been so much easier if we could stand on both feet and then bend down to pick up the bag with both hands? We were so restricted that many of us found it really hard to get the bag. Imagine if you had restrictions in everyday life. Imagine that you could not go outside unless it was a certain time of day or you could not wear certain clothes because of your gender. Life has taken a complete 180-degree turn since our ancestors fought for independence in 1776. They would be completely surprised at how well we are doing.

Jesus said in the Bible, “The Truth will set you free, and then you shall be free indeed.” Freedom of choice and freedom of will are very important in God’s plan for you. Let’s thank God that when people lacked freedom, he has shown up to defend the victims. Let’s be thankful to him of the freedom we have today!



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