thanksfulness in a box thanksgiving object lesson

thanksfulness in a box thanksgiving object lesson

Why is being thankful a great idea? It can shift our mood from bad to good; it can make us happier; it makes God happy when we appreciate Him; like anyone, God likes to do more for people who are grateful; we won’t be as upset when things go wrong, because we will feel that we have so many blessings.  We often forget to give thanks and approach God only when we want something. You can help break kids of this habit by bringing in a box filled with opportunities to feel gratitude. That is”¦a box filled with anything at all! In this Thanksgiving object lesson, you can follow our model or make up your own.  You will put kids in a great position to feel thankful in ways they have never felt before.  With Thanksgiving approaching, let’s remember to be thankful more often and for even the smallest of things. It will make God very happy, and that’s the name of the game on planet earth!  Check out our guest post over at Future Flying Saucers!

Thanksgiving Object Lesson: Thankfulness In A Box


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