thankful fans thanksgiving craft

thankful fans thanksgiving craft

One way to help kids remember to be thankful is to have them write down those things. Using a “thanks fan,” kids can write something on every accordion pleat. Then…they can use it to stir up the mighty winds of the Holy Spirit in prayer!

Thanksgiving Craft: Thankful Fans


– Orange ribbon

– Full size sheet of construction paper in any fall color

– Green, brown, or orange markers ““ if not available use any other color marker, but not black

– Glue (or stapler)

thankful fan 1 thanksgiving craft


– Lay a sheet of paper down horizontally (landscape oriented) and draw a light line down the middle.

– Fold the paper into accordion pleats, starting at the bottom, creating long pleats (as opposed to shorter pleats).

thankful fan 2


What I’m holding up is an accordion pleated piece of paper. We can fan ourselves with it. It takes the heat off of us. In a sense, this piece of paper is a little like the Holy Spirit, which cools our spirits when we are spiritually “hot and bothered.” We are going to write our blessings inside each accordion pleat and then remember to say thanks for them when we stir up the “mighty winds” of prayer.

thankful fan 3 thanksgiving craft


– Write something you are thankful for on every other pleat. These can be serious things like being thankful for home or family, and playful things like: “I have upgraded my cell,” or “My kitten jumped for the catnip and made me laugh.”

– Tie the ribbon in the center of the pleated napkin.

– Pull the top pleats up, gluing (or stapling) them together, so it looks like a fan.

thankful fan 4 thanksgiving craft


Now we’re going to fan ourselves slowly and pray at the same time, remembering those things we just wrote down. Acts 2:2 describes the winds of Pentecost that came over the disciples like this: “Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a mighty wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.” Let’s feel the winds of the Holy Spirit take our prayers of thanksgiving straight up to heaven, where God can enjoy them!


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