thanksgiving bible game scattergories

thanksgiving bible game scattergories

This Thanksgiving Bible game will help students expand their minds when it comes to thinking of what they’re thankful for, and it will also help them practice some school skills, like thinking hard!

“Scattergories” Thanksgiving Bible Game


– One paper per four students

– One pen per four students



Students will have to work together to think of as many things that they are thankful for as possible.



It’s Thanksgiving time. In other words, it’s the time in which we are thankful for everything we have been giving. But there is so much that we should be thankful for, that it’s hard to think of it all. Right now we’re going to play a game to help get those creative juices flowing!



Think up some categories that are similar to those used in the actual game Scattergories. For examples, see step #3 below.



– If possible, have students sit in groups of three-four.

– Give each group a pen and paper.

– Assign each group a letter and a category. EXAMPLE: Around The Home is the category and “˜B’ is the letter: Bedroom, books, blankets, etc.

– Each group will then have one-two minutes to think of as many things that they are thankful for that are in the category and that start with that letter.

– The group that has the most things, minus duplicates, wins.

– Play as many rounds as desired.



Ephesians 5:20 says, “Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” We all had different categories and letters in our game today. That led to a lot of different answers as to what we’re thankful for. But that’s just what God wants us

to realize. He wants us to realize that everything in life is a gift. Whether it is something as simple as the tiny flower in our garden or something as significant as the family we’ve been given. God wants us to be thankful for it all and I hope this game helped you all realize just how much there is to be thankful for!


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