This is a great craft to have in your “Bag of Tricks” that can be easily adapted to any holiday or theme. These Thanksgiving Sunday school crafts can be used for most holiday themes.

Finger Print Craft
To begin, select what kind of surface you’d like to put your finger print onto. You can pick up white decorative tiles to use as hot plates at many craft stores, or you can
simply decorate a piece of paper that could be framed at a later date.

Paint each child’s finger (older children can paint their own) and have them stamp their finger print onto whatever surface you’ve selected.
Next, allow the children to use their creativity to decorate the finger prints in whatever way they wish.

An Inspiration Sheet is below to help them get started. If you like, you can have the children decorate the attached poem for use as a gift.

Supplies Needed:
Paper, Decorative Tiles, or Decorative Plates
Paint Brushes

Poem Provided
Happy Thanksgiving Day (or Father’s Day)

My dirty little fingerprints I’ve left on every wall.
And on the drawers and tabletops, I’ve
really marked them all.
But here are some that won’t rub off,
I’m giving them to you,
because I’m thankful for a Dad (or family) as
wonderful as you!

Do you think this craft would work in your church? Why or why not? I’m interested in hearing some feedback from other KidMin volunteers around the world”¦ so be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.