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This is a quiet Thanksgiving game that gets kids thinking, and is also lots of fun!  Children will see how well they know themselves, but especially how well they know their friends or classmates, as they guess who was thankful for what.


– Bowl
– Paper
– Scissors
– Pencils


Students will compete against each other to see who can correctly match the most items to their classmates.


Take some pieces of paper and cut them into small slips.


Thanksgiving is a day when we stop and pay attention to our lives. We see all the people we love, all the things we can’t live without, everything that we are thankful for. These are the things that we forget as we whirl around town with all of the holiday spirit. We’re going to take some time out now to start thinking of things we are thankful for!


1. Have the class sit in a circle with slips of paper and pencils.

2. When you say “Go!” students will write down two things they are thankful for on two different pieces of paper. Tell them to be specific. If they are thankful for a pet, put the pet’s name down. If they are thankful for a sibling, name him or her. If they are thankful for a toy, name the brand.

3. They will fold the pieces in half and place them in the bowl.

4. Once everyone is done writing, one student will pick a slip out of the bowl and read what it says aloud.

5. Everyone must then guess which student wrote that and write their name on the sheet of paper. Remember to keep guesses a secret until the end!

6. A new person picks a slip out of the bowl, everyone guesses, until the bowl is empty.

7. When the bowl is empty, everyone will share their guesses.

8. The person who has the most correct guesses wins.


1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” Did you see how many “thanks” we were able to think of? There are so many ways God protects us in a day! We should remember to thank him. It’s easy to remember the really important things like family or shelter, but what about an umbrella when it’s raining? Or candles when the power goes out? Little things like that don’t happen every day. so it’s easy to forget about them. But when we do come across something small, we should give thanks. Giving thanks should happen in any and all situations, not just for one day a year.



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