As a Sunday school teacher you can begin teaching children to tithe. A piggy bank helps introduce the idea of tithing.  It can help promote the discipline to put money away for the Lord.  Try this craft to start the lesson.

– Clorox bottle, one for each child with lid
– Four empty thread spools for each child for pig’s feet
– Pink “sticky” felt (one side is felt, and the other side is like contact paper, with the peel-away back that leaves felt sticky) to create pig’s tails, eyes, nose, ears and spots on bodies.  If you can’t get pig pink, other colors will work just fine!
– Construction paper hole punches to make pig nostrils and eyeballs
– Pennies, one for each child

Before Class:
1.Turn each Clorox bottle on its side.
2.Using a knife, cut a slit in the middle section, an inch long and a quarter inch wide.  This will be the coin slot.
3.On one pink construction paper, draw
a.freehand, curly pigs’ tails, one for each child
b.circles using a nickel as a stencil for eyes, two for each child
c.triangles for pigs’ ears, four for each child
d.circles using the bottle cap as a stencil for the pigs’ noses, one for each child
e.freehand, funny shaped spots for pig’s back
4.Cut all these out yourself, as felt is hard to use with children’s scissors.
5.Create an example, using instructions below

Give students their components and have them:

1.Color the four spools to be used for legs, using marker pens.  They can be black, brown or any color for more imaginative students
2.Glue the spools to the Clorox Bottle using stick glue (a hot gun works best if you are comfortable with one)
3.Peel and stick the pink nose to the bottle cap
4.Glue two nostrils onto the nose using black or brown hole punches
5.Peel and stick on the nickel-sized circles of the eyes on either side of the nose
6.Glue on black hole punches to make the eye pupils on top of the eyes
7.Peel four triangles  Take the sticky side of two and pinch them together, but only at the top  Bend back the bottoms and stick them to the bottle, where an ear would go
8.Repeat for the other ear
9.Peel and stick on the tail in the middle of what used to be the bottom of the bottle
10.Peel and stick on the spots, anywhere on the body.
11.Add a penny to each bank!