I find that Sunday school object lessons work well with my 12-14 year old students.  Use these discussion ideas and the activity to teach the lesson of Balaam and listening to the word of God.Sunday School Object Lessons

Bible Story: 
In this lesson, God uses Balaam, who is pulled between pagan beliefs and truly listening to the voice of God.  The Moabite people are afraid of the Israelites taking over their land and ask Balaam to put a curse on the Israelites so they will be driven out of their country.  Have the students read the following selections.
Numbers 22: 21-27
Numbers 22:28-31
Numbers 22:32-38

God used the angel three times to get Balaam’s attention.  It didn’t work.  Are we like that sometimes?  Why did Balaam ignore God, but listen to the donkey? How does God speak to us?

Make up index cards with different scenarios on them of a situation in which God would tell them something, but they would have to choose to listen.  Color-code the scenarios so that the student with the same colors respond to each others situation.  Make as many different scenarios as there are students.
Example:  You are invited to a movie that you really want to see, but you know that it’s not appropriate.  Your parents wouldn’t find out, because your friend is old enough to drive.  What do you do?